About what?

About Me?

I’m a 30-something former world champion bronze medalist in Taekwon-do. I spent my twenties studying physics, then medical physics and started off my thirties studying medical biophysics. I did research in medical imaging of lung tissue, then brain tissue and am now studying breast tissue. Somewhere in there I looked at NMR spectroscopy, got all zen with rat physiology and took apart MEG machines. All this of course led me from Colorado to New Mexico and then to Canadaland where I met my husband had two baby boys and fell in love with breastfeeding.

I had a heck of a journey birthing and breastfeeding my eldest son and hope to help other mothers make an informed choice about breastfeeding their babies and support them through their journey. I fought hard for a home birth in the water for my second son and found the experience life changing.
Enjoy the ride, smell the roses, molest the shrubbery, and dance like mad when you see the first crocus of spring.

Thanks for stopping by, drop a little comment, tell me how you found me and feel free to ask questions.

– the word fairy


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