This wasn’t supposed to be my next blog, hell, I don’t think this was ever going to be a post I’d do but whatever. A few people have asked me about maternity clothes so here is my take on it.

After pregnancy


Possibly reusable.

  • tricks for early on
  • For jeans you can extend their life a couple of ways, first a slip knot in the button hole. Just get a hair elastic and thread it thru your button hole to make a longer, stretchy loop for your button. Or you can get the almighty Bella Band which honestly I used a ton before and after pregnancy. I used it after as my ass and thighs began to fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans but my little gut made buttoning them uncomfortable. It can also be used as a nursing under shirt so your belly is covered as you pull up you shirt….but I digress.

  • Belly panels vs stretch waist bands
  • Which one you go with depends on the weather where you are from and what season you are going to be pregnant in. I am referring to 2nd trimester on here since you can get away with some other tricks earlier on that I mentioned before. I was in Toronto and pregnant in the summer the first time and you could not have paid me to wear anything with a belly panel, it was too damn hot. Too damned humid. So everything was stretchy waisted until the very end when my belly dropped and then most things under my belly were uncomfortable, then I lived in maxi dresses.


    The second time around my last trimester fell in the dead of winter and I loved the belly panel, nice and toasty, and my belly was way bigger and lower so the under belly stuff got uncomfortable very early on. That time I got lots of use out of my stretch waist jeans post-pregnancy because I am not one of those women who drop into pre pregnancy jeans three weeks after birth. For me, both times, I was getting back into most (but not all!) of my pre pregnancy clothes at my kiddo’s 1st birthday.


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