Here we are again days before my son turns a year old and he is following in his brothers footsteps….not so figuratively, he took his first real steps today.


This is how things go with me and my kiddos, happened this way both times:
– I carry my babies for 41 weeks 1 day
– I have horrific back labour
– I puke during labour
– My babies are born weighing just over seven pounds (Léonidas was 7lbs 3oz, d’Artagnan 7lbs 4oz)
– Within the same week they turn a year old they finally sleep thru the night and start walking

Now, if D’s first word is ‘chat’ I might freak out a little bit, we shall see.

I meant to write out D’s birth story tonight but find myself thinking more about the little boy he is becoming rather than the baby he was. He is so inquisitive, always reaching for, eating, or taking something apart. He is my Mr. Smiley pants, he began smiling at 5 weeks and hasn’t stopped yet. He smiles at everything, and it is the most heartbreakingly mischievous smile ever. I imagine this is another trait he has gotten from his Great-Grandma Esther, he reminds me so strongly of her. I also think she must get a good laugh at my expense every time I have to peel that tiny boy’s grapes. I mocked her almost my entire life for doing that and look what my tiny human insists on.
Well played Grandma, well played.

This blog is rambling, sorry about that my head is all over the place remembering the lead up to D’s birth and now realizing how far he has come from that soft, tiny bundle of boy I met just over a year ago. I wonder where we will be a year from now?



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