Alright, so I’m all kinds of lame at updating this but I best get on with it as it is March and blogging more was my New Years resolution. Heh.

Today we are going to talk about my on going obsession with nursing tops. I breastfed my eldest son for over 3 years and on this Friday I will hit the one year mark with my second little human. I found with my first son that the nursing tops at the maternity stores did NOT fit me in any kind of flattering manner. Either the nursing ‘holes’ were too small or they were maternity tops that turn into nursing tops and I felt I still looked 8 months pregnant while wearing them. Now my boobs get stupid big when I’m pregnant, I go up an average of 8 cups sizes and stay in the ridiculous range up 4 or 5 cup sizes while I am nursing, so small holes and tummy expanding shirts just look bad, bad, bad on me. I already have to go to specialty shops to get nursing bras that fit me so eventually I started taking a look at their nursing wear and I never turned back

Since this is specialty stuff I tend to shop while its on sale so right now I would be buying all the fall/winter clearance wear and buy the summer stuff in the fall when it goes on sale. This works for me because I nurse my little dudes for way more than one calendar year.

Nursing tanks and Tee-shirts I go with Momzelle as they are light weight and a good length and the top flap stays down well. They don’t stretch out weird and seem to last and last. There is a lovely criss-cross top that does nothing good for the stupidly busty of us but I’ve seen it look amazing on normally proportioned Mommas.


June & Dane have the best feeling fabric, almost decadent in how soft it is but tends to show my post baby belly a bit more than I’d like. I do have a wonderful wrap dress by them that I can dress up or down very easily.


For a warmer shirt I go Boob all the way! The boob flap is even fleece lined, which isn’t practical per say but feels nice.


And Immature has the coolest zipper design. I was given a shirtsleeve version and loved it so much I got myself a long sleeve one. I secretly think these are the nursing shirt that would be worn in the Firefly Verse. Can’t you see Zoë in this?


Right after my babies were born I LIVED in nursing tanks from Glamour Mom I consider them a breastfeeding MUST HAVE as they are easy to layer and most importantly comfy to sleep in which is what I did every chance I got in the early days. Wear one with your yoga pants, throw a cardigan over it and you even feel kind of pretty during those first few eels where you can’t even remember your own name. I sleep in these still and there is such a variety of colours.


Now-a-days I am wearing out my Naked tank since it layers for winter kind of perfectly.


Now where do you get all these glorious clothes? I’ve shopped a ton at Evymama here in Toronto and up in Ottawa I really like Milkface. The mall stores just have the crappy stuff so I hit up those stores or shop online which is what Ido almost exclusively for the sales.

So there you are.

Now, go forth and breastfed! And look fabulous doing it!


One thought on “In which spec blathers on for rather a long time about nursing tops

  1. Thanks Becca! I’m on my way ‘out’ of the nursing top market, having saturated my wardrobe with Momzelle (and one Boob that I love). I had better not re-read your post or I may find myself online ordering that neat zippered top and more. Even for more ‘hohum’ breast sizes like me, the Thyme Maternity stuff is a real hassle as far as the hole size goes. Now that I have the Naked tank, I’m wearing regular shirts more often.

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